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Striving to provide the highest quality, vocationally focused and skill-based education, ISDC Awards works in collaboration with SQA, UK to award various levels of customised qualification of the SCQF framework. Following a rigorous approval process, ISDC’s partnership with SQA paves a multitude of paths to achieving uniquely customised qualifications that are Approved, Quality-Assured, Regulated and Awarded by SQA and recognised for credit transfer to many UK universities.

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ISDC-SQA Customised Qualifications

ISDC has partnered with SQA and following a rigorous approval process, is now able to offer its own customised awards. SQA Customised Awards are Unique Qualifications developed in collaboration with training providers and educational organisations, such as ISDC, to achieve uniquely customised qualifications that are quality assured by SQA and recognised for credit transfer to many UK universities. The qualifications offered by ISDC are Approved, Quality Assured, Regulated and Awarded by SQA, making ISDC is an approved centre for SQA Customised Awards.

ISDC’s suite of qualifications is mapped against the credit framework and the skills framework of the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) to provide quality assurance and progression.This alignment with the SCQF provides transparency and portability to ISDC’s qualifications and makes it possible to compare qualifications from different countries and institutions and enable those who hold credits to progress to undergraduate degrees awarded in the UK.

All qualifications that are mapped to the SCQF have skills and competencies at their core and therefore integrate the employability skills, such as problem-solving and application of knowledge, communication, IT and teamwork and leadership skills employers seek in work-ready graduate employees.The recognised suite of qualifications provides the flexibility to progress to the third or final years of a UK university.

3 Stages to a UK Degree

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International Certificate in Business

SCQF Level 7
Duration : 42 - week
Mode of Study : Online
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International Specialised Diploma in Business Management
SCQF Level 8
Duration : 42 - week
Mode of Study : Online

Top Up

With progression arrangements with 12+ universities including Essex, University of East London, Portsmouth, Oxford Brookes across the UK, successful completion of SCQF Level 8 qualification from ISDC will ensure your direct entry into the final year of a BA/BSc Honours Degree. Upon successful graduation, the learner will be eligible to apply for a  two-year Post Study Work Visa (as dictated under the current UK rules and regulations).

A university top-up can be pursued both in-house: where the learner travels to the UK and study at their preferred university Or via an online learning system from a leading UK Online University Degree Provider.

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