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January 2022


“Together Lets Shape Your Dreams to Goals and Goals to Accomplishments”-ISDC

Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA)

Under Scottish Government Legislation, SQA Accreditation quality assures qualifications offered in Scotland by approving awarding bodies and accrediting their qualifications. SQA accomplishes this by regulating awarding bodies and their qualifications in accordance with published regulatory requirements and by enabling providers such as ISDC to create their own qualifications to be quality assured by SQA and awarded by ISDC and SQA.

About ISDC

ISDC (International Skill Development Corporation) is a leading International Provider for British Education and Skills. ISDC is working with the UK Skills Federation, Scottish Qualifications Authority, a large number of Universities and an excess of 25+ Professional Bodies in the UK for their Market Expansion, Transnational Education and Growth. ISDC works with Universities and Higher Education Providers by Developing and Upgrading the Academic Degrees for the Future to Seek External Accreditations / Memberships / Qualifications along with the University Degrees.

ISDC has an active presence in India and works in partnership with over 200+ Universities including Central, State, Deemed & Private for many Undergraduate/ Postgraduate Programmes in numerous domains and subject areas.

ISDC’s SQA Customised Awards

ISDC has partnered with SQA and following a rigorous approval process, is now able to offer its own customised awards. SQA Customised Awards are Unique Qualifications developed in collaboration with training providers and educational organisations, such as ISDC, to achieve uniquely customised qualifications that are quality assured by SQA and recognised for credit transfer to many UK universities. The qualifications offered by ISDC are Approved, Quality Assured, Regulated and Awarded by SQA, making ISDC is an approved centre for SQA Customised Awards.

ISDC-SCQF Qualifications

ISDC’s suite of qualifications is mapped against the credit framework and the skills framework of the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) to provide quality assurance and progression.

This alignment with the SCQF provides transparency and portability to ISDC’s qualifications and makes it possible to compare qualifications from different countries and institutions and enable those who hold credits to progress to undergraduate degrees awarded in the UK.

All qualifications that are mapped to the SCQF have skills and competencies at their core and therefore integrate the employability skills, such as problem-solving and application of knowledge, communication, IT and teamwork and leadership skills employers seek in work-ready graduate employees.

The recognised suite of qualifications provides the flexibility to progress to the third or final years of a UK university.

Entry requirements​

What you'll experience

On this course you’ll:
    • Choose modules and study topics that match your personal and professional goals, as well as your employer’s objectives
    • Develop your ability to analyse problems, research and propose solutions, and make important decisions
    • Take part in work-based learning (WBL) projects that form part of your daily workload, which ensure that the knowledge you develop is relevant to your employer’s business
    • Get an optional 1-day induction in Portsmouth at the start of the course and have the opportunity to study on campus, if it suits you
    • Learn both technical skills and business knowledge
    • Develop your learning plan with the University and your employer, so you can make an effective contribution to your workplace as you learn
    • Have full access to our student support services and community including study support, sports and recreation facilities, and the Students’ Union
    • Tap in to our Library’s electronic resources, which you can access from anywhere with a Web connection
    • Choose a Workplace Mentor to support your learning – someone at work who can offer advice, guidance, and moral support
    • Have support from an academic tutor specialising in your area of study and a University learning manager who oversees your programme
    • Use online tutorials and lectures to help you with study skills, including your analytical and writing skills

Learning Path

Are You Ready To Start?

What you'll study on this BSc (Hons) Engineering Project Management (Learning at Work) degree

At the start of the course, you’ll put together a Learning Contract with the University and your employer that outlines what you’ll study.

To get a Master’s degree, you need to accumulate a total of 180 credits. If you leave the course before you accumulate 180 credits, you can get a Postgraduate Certificate (PgCert) if you’ve accumulated 60 credits or a Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip) if you’ve accumulated 120 credits. You can get these credits in 3 ways:

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