Undergraduate Diploma in
Marketing Management


72 Weeks

Mode of Study


Credits Awarded


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Mode of Study


Start Date

January 2022

Credits Awarded



Undergraduate Diploma in Marketing Management is designed for learners who aspire to be Marketing Professionals. This programme will enable you to understand the complexities of the Contemporary Marketplace and Global Marketing Strategies that will help them in Strategic and Tactical Decision Making.

Through exploring the current trends in Digital Marketing Strategies and Social Media Analytics, this advanced pathway aims to develop Social Media Analytics Skills through the application of Statistical Procedures and Data Analysis, with the goal of making Data-Driven Decisions

The Undergraduate Diploma comprises of the ISDC International Certificate in Business and the ISDC International Specialised Diploma in Business qualifications which have been credit rated by the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) of Scotland at Level 7 & 8 respectively on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) with 120 allocated SCQF credits at each levels. Students will have exit options after the completion of Level 7 with an exit award of the ISDC International Certificate in Business and a final exit after the completion of Level 8 with an exit award of the ISDC International Specialised Diploma in Business.

Both qualifications enable students to progress to relevant undergraduate programmes of study in compliance with the entry requirements of individual universities in the UK with Credit Exemptions. In addition, both qualifications are at Level 5 of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

Level 7 is widely considered as the First Year of Undergraduate Study; Level 8 is widely considered as the Second year of the Undergraduate study and after Level 7; students are accepted for entering into the Second Year of the Undergraduate Degree and similarly Students are accepted for entering into the Third Year of the Undergraduate Degree after the Level 8 completion.

Please see a link to the SCQF database form where you can access the ISDC qualification information https://scqf.org.uk/about-the-framework/scqf-database/ .

The SQA is the national awarding body in Scotland responsible for the development, accreditation, assessment, and certification and awarding of qualifications other than University Degrees. SQA was established by the Education (Scotland) Act 1996 which is an act of Parliament and as such is responsible to the Scottish Government.

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As an internationally recognised awarding body many of the qualifications that are quality assured and certificated by SQA are accepted by UK and International Universities for advanced entry and/or credit transfer into Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes. Additionally, the UK University sector are important stakeholders of SQA who are integral to the development and validation of a range of SQA qualifications which can facilitate progression pathways to University.

Programme Structure

In order to successfully complete ISDC’s Undergraduate Diploma in Marketing Management Qualification, you will have to complete six modules of Level 7, three core modules of Level 8 and Marketing Management specific modules.

Entry Requirements​

Entry is open to Students who have successfully completed  A-Level / GCE / GCSE / 10+2  / 12 years of formal education.

If you have completed other comparable programmes awarded by other recognised regulated awarding bodies or local equivalents. ISDC will consider your educational achievements, your work experience and your motivation, and make a decision on entry to the programme accordingly.

As all our programmes are delivered and assessed via assignments to be written in English, you will need to be highly competent in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking in the same.

Most importantly, you need to be motivated, willing and able to manage your own time so that you successfully complete the required study hours and the assessments required.

You will be able to avail exemptions for Level 7, if you have achieved credits from a University within the last 5 years, in comparable business-related subjects.

Fees & Funding

Undergraduate Diploma in Accounting and Financial Management  (SCQF Level 7 + SCQF Level 8) : £2250*

International Certificate in Business (SCQF Level 7) : £1000

International Specialised Diploma in Business Management (SCQF Level 8) : £1250]

*Applicants opting for one-time fee remittance will receive an exclusive Scholarship of £250, reducing the total fees to £2000. Applicable for batch 2022/23.

Progression Opportunities

Undergraduate Diploma in Marketing Management from ISDC will enable you to gain direct entry into the final year of a UK Bachelor’s Degree Programme.*

Upon successful graduation, the learner will be eligible to apply for a two-year Post Study Work Visa (as dictated under the current UK rules and regulations).

Note: Learners choosing to complete the UK awarded degree online will not qualify for a Post Study Work Visa.

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